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Each of us possesses limitless potential for a winning life. Through study and practice, we discover our vitality, courage, and compassion. These titles can help you access the benefits of surrender and awakening.
SGI members in 192 countries and territories have consistently shown the power of the practice of Nichiren Buddhism to transform their lives for the better and in contributing to their communities. This year, we will welcome 6,000 young people to the SGI-USA. These future leaders of justice and peace will be the antidote to our country’s turmoil—from gun violence and climate catastrophe to anxiety, suicide and the opioid crisis.
Our Buddhist practice teaches us that “one is the mother of ten thousand.” Everything starts from one inspired person, determined to make a difference. When all the members of the SGI-USA stand up with the resolve to help one youth rise up with this same mission and awareness, we will undoubtedly create a tidal wave of hope throughout our country and the world.
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The one youth you introduce will not only gain infinite hope in their own lives but will also be the source of infinite hope for their families, communities and society. One person awakening to their Buddhahood can change the world.