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The New Human Revolution, vol. 1, rev. ed.


In this novelized history of the Soka Gakkai and the stories of ordinary people who transformed their lives through Nichiren Buddhism, you will find inspiring and practical Buddhist wisdom for living happily and compassionately in today's world.

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Chapter Summaries Chapter 1: Sunrise October 2, 1960—Shin’ichi Yamamoto travels overseas for the first time carrying in his heart his mentor’s injunction that the world was his stage. In Honolulu, Hawaii, his first stop, he forms the first district outside of Japan and opens the first page in worldwide kosen-rufu. Chapter 2: New World San Francisco, site of the signing of the Japan-US Security Treaty, is Shin’ichi’s second stop. He reflects on the Cold War and the confusion in the Japanese Diet over the renewal of the treaty. At a discussion meeting, attended almost exclusively by Japanese immigrants, Shin’ichi offer three guidelines for their success in their new home country. Chapter 3: Golden Autumn The trip continues to Seattle, Chicago, and Toronto, Canada. In Chicago’s Lincoln Park, he witnesses an act of prejudice against an African American boy. Angry at the reality of racism, he senses the importance of spreading the Mystic Law in America. Chapter 4: Light of Compassion Shin’ichi visits the UN Headquarters and attends a session of the General Assembly where several newly independent African nations were admitted as members. Despite his physical condition worsening, Shin’ichi attends discussion meetings in New Jersey and Washington, D.C., answering question from the many distressed Japanese war brides and offering warm encouragement. Chapter 5: Pioneers At a discussion meeting in São Paulo, Brazil, Shin’ichi hears of the harsh conditions of the Japanese immigrants and talks about the power of prayer based on a vow for kosen-rufu. In Los Angeles, his last stop, he forms Los Angeles Chapter. Publisher: World Tribune Press Paperback: 332 pages Dimensions: 5” x 8” E-book available at or from your favorite e-book seller



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