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The New Human Revolution, vol. 20


In this novelized history of the Soka Gakkai and the stories of ordinary people who transformed their lives through Nichiren Buddhism, you will find inspiring and practical Buddhist wisdom for living happily and compassionately in today's world.

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Chapter Summaries Chapter 1: Path of Friendship On May 30, 1974, Shin’ichi makes his first visit to China at the invitation of the China-Japan Friendship Association. He witnesses middle school students building shelter in case a war breaks out with the Soviet Union and pledges to do anything to prevent it. Chapter 2: Bridge Building Shin’ichi travels to the Soviet Union in September 1974 at the invitation of Moscow State University. He meets with Nobel laureate Mikhail Sholokhov and with Premier Aleksey Kosygin. Chapter 3: Ties of Trust Continuing his citizen diplomacy, Shin’ichi visits China a second time, in December 1974, and meets with Premier Zhou Enlai. In January 1975 in New York, he presents UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim the ten million signatures calling for the eradication of nuclear arms collected by the youth division. Publisher: World Tribune Press Paperback: 352 pages Dimensions: 5” x 8” E-book available at or from your favorite e-book seller



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